Who are the people behind the FCLR and how is it done?
You will get to know it from here!
Wer hinter dem FCLR steckt und wie wir das ganze wuppen können erfahrt ihr hier!

Group / Gruppe

The organisation team consists of around 10-20 people (fluctuating) who plan the basic events, have the overview and connect to other groups.
Most of us are students but some are workers, activists, free learners, ...
Das Organisationsteam besteht aus (mal mehr, mal weninger) 10-20 Menschen. Wir planen die Hauptevents, behalten den Überblick und vernetzen uns mit anderen Gruppen. Die meisten von uns sind Student_innen, manche arbeiten, manche sind Aktivist_innen, Freilerner_innen, ...

Finances / Finanzen

The FCLR is mainly supported by the StuVe, the students representation at Uni Ulm.
Apart from that we get support from "Ulm, internationale Stadt". We were able to get prize money for our activities.
Also a lot of equipment has been lent to us and events have been sponsored by other groups partly.
For more details we refer to the single events.